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We live in a society that places both physical and mental demands on the body. There are constant stressors, from meeting deadlines on your job to the everyday demand of family and friends. The body is constantly working and being pushed beyond it's limit. Our goal at PTT is to allow you to experience the benefit of therapeutic massage and to give you a glimpse of how massage can transform your life. Massage is considered to be a modality that has been used for centuries as a passive form of exercise that manipulate muscle tissue that allows for better mobility and body conditioning. It.....

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back pain
Massage Therapy Holds Promise for Low Back Pain

"....10 weeks massage recipients were better able to perform daily activities, were more active, spent fewer days in bed, and used less anti-inflammatory medication than those who received usual care."


Seated Massage for your Employees

Many companies are offering health and wellness options of massage services for their employees, on a bi–weekly or monthly basis. It has helped to enhance work place performance and taking time off for Repetitive Stress injuries (RSIs). (443 449 3939)